Do you walk like a bud victim?

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Craig Terry, the founder of Big Top Promos, is a passionate gun enthusiast driven by a vision to revolutionize the gun sales industry. Frustrated by the limited offerings at traditional gun shows, Craig embarked on a mission to create a platform that offers the greatest selection of firearms, knives, ammunition, and accessories. With a relentless dedication to meeting the needs of fellow enthusiasts, Craig continues to lead Big Top Promos towards unprecedented growth, cementing his legacy as a pioneer in the field.
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I have always thought how a person carried themselves says a great deal. So how do you carry yourself? 

Do you walk like a person who knows exactly how to deal with a situation, or do you walk like a victim? Many people these days have their faces stuck in a phone scrolling. They would sooner run into a pole before realizing that a suspicious person was following them. A few simple changes to how you leave your home or office could make a difference in needing or not needing to defend yourself.

Before exiting, take a look out a window or door. What is happening outside? Is it raining? is it dark? A quick assessment of what your environment is about to be is important for adequate preparation. Know your route. Plan ahead if you get off work after dark park in a well lit area. When possible, walk out with other people. There is always strength in numbers. Gather your items together.

Having items ready and in hand will cause less time fumbling in a bag, possibly distracting you from your surroundings. Have your umbrella out and ready. If it is dark, you should have a small but powerful flashlight. A small light that can be attached to car keys or clipped in a pocket or to a purse is a great investment. 

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This achieves a few things. Not only do we have light to walk with now, our keys are out and in hand. The light on the keys can also help illuminate your door handle or the key hole depending on the age of your vehicle. Store electronic items such as phones and laptops in a bag. If you make a habit of placing your phone in a specific pocket, you can access it quickly. It is best not to advertise what high value items may be gained from making you a target. Your bag or purse can be worn across your body.

This will make it much harder for someone to snag. Keep in mind that most mugging or strong armed robbery started with the opportunity that presents itself to the bad guy. If you need to lock a door behind you, do so with your body turned to the side. 

Keeping your head raised. Use your peripheral vision to keep watch for anyone standing around or approaching you. walk to your destination with your body upright and head held high. Even the illusion of confidence can trick a bad guy into thinking your no easy target. Do not get tunnel vision. be sure to watch your surroundings. If you have a stun gun or pepper spray, you can carry that in your other hand, ready to use should you need it.

Often, knowing you have a means of protection will give you the confident air that tells bad guys you’re not the one to mess with. having keys in hand and your light on you can shine the light inside the vehicle. Check the front and rear seats, making sure no one is in your vehicle. Quickly enter your vehicle or home. Once inside, be sure to lock the door. If you’re in a vehicle, don’t sit in the lot.

Get your vehicle started and get moving. Being aware of your surroundings can keep you out of trouble before it even starts. Remember, always stay safe, keep calm and carry on!

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