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We have sales throughout Western Washington. You will find a sale nearly every weekend of the year. You can wait for a sale near you, or you can take a short drive and visit us in a city near you. Either way, we’d love to see you!

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The seeds of Big Top Promotions were sown decades ago when the founders experienced a life changing event. Credible threats made against their lives by dangerous parties were confirmed by law enforcement, and they were given warnings and information regarding their safety.


What can you expect at a Big Top Sale? Picture the selection at a big box sporting goods retailer, then think bigger. Much bigger. Then add in multitudes of knives, plentiful ammunition in various calibers, and a huge selection of accessories. Now you’ve got it. More guns, more knives, more ammunition. 


Our Features

Friendly Atmosphere

Our shows are lively and upbeat. You’ll enjoy music and positive employees. Our staff loves connecting people to the right firearm and sharing their knowledge

Safety First

Handling firearms is a serious business. Even unloaded, they are due respect at all times. At our shows you can expect only the safest display and handling of firearms

Philosophy Of Use

Home defense? Concealed carry? Long range target shooting? Plinking at the range? There are so many firearms that work best in each. We are here to help you.

Customer Service

Our goal is to help you find what you want, what fits your needs and to provide product education. High pressure sales? No way. Our staff does not work on commission.

Our Mission

Our mission has always been the same. We strive to provide gun sales that offer the greatest selection of what you’d expect a gun sale to have- guns, knives, ammunition and accessories. As gun enthusiasts ourselves, we were frustrated with gun shows that provided little of that. Our business was founded on the idea that we would provide the greatest selection of guns, knives, ammo, and accessories and leave the rest to the flea markets. We continue to grow our business and customer base every day.

When is the Gun Sale is coming to your area?
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Frequently Ask Question

You’ll need three things to purchase a gun from our gun shows.  1. A state issued ID. 2. Money (cash or card). 3. An approved background check.

– You can only complete a handgun transaction in your state of residence unless you are active-duty military with current base orders.

– If you are a resident of another state, you can buy a handgun and have it shipped to an FFL dealer in your home state.

– Semi-auto rifles are only available to residents of Washington State.

– Smooth bore shotguns, bolt lever and pump rifles are available to purchase firearms by out of state residents only if the firearm is legal in their home state.

YES. Every single firearm transaction must have an approved background check prior to transfer. You must be 21 or older to purchase a handgun or semi-automatic rifle, and 18 or older to purchase a smooth bore shotgun or a bolt, lever, or pump rifle.

Depends on the type of gun you purchase. Currently Washington State law requires a 10-business day period to perform a background check, run by your local law enforcement. This translates to 2 calendar weeks. This is required on all semi-auto rifles and all handguns. For smooth bore shotguns, lever, bolt, or pump rifles a NICS check can be run at the time of purchase and if approved you can take that home.

You can pick up your new gun at the venue where you purchased the firearm or if available a licensed location closer to you. At the time of purchase, the location and date are printed on your receipt, along with your contact person’s name and number. Your contact person will call or text you one day before pickup to remind you and answer any questions you might have.

That is a big NO. You can only purchase a firearm for yourself. The actual buyer/user/purchaser must be the one to do the background check paperwork.

A safe, secure and professional environment with a friendly and knowledgeable staff.  We are here to help you select the right firearm for you and your situation. No high pressure commissioned staff.

Purchasing a quality firearm is only the first step. Education, training, carry provisions and secure storage are next. The friendly and helpful staff can advise you on this.

YES, we carry a huge supply of ammunition, both practice and self-defense along with a variety of carry methods- holsters, purses, etc. We also carry a huge selection of knives, pepper spray and stun guns for less lethal options.


Big Top Gunsales


Gun shows have admission fees. Why? Overhead, venue rental, etc. Basically it helps with the cost of doing business. Some gun shows have “memberships.” Big Top does NOT believe in memberships. In years past, this was a mechanism to assure members had current background checks and could purchase guns same day. This is no longer the case and memberships are an outdated concept.


Some gun shows resemble flea markets. That’s ok, but it is not our business model. We believe that people who attend our sales aren’t looking for beanie babies, t-shirts, beef jerky, scented candles, etc. etc. We believe our customers are shopping for guns, knives, ammo, and accessories. We strive to provide the largest selection of these items. As the largest gun retailer in Washington, we proudly do.